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Greetings, worthy stranger! The Cryptogram Czar welcomes you to the puzzle palace. Got your words scrambled?. No worries, we've got you covered. .

What is a cryptogram, you ask? Why it is a coded message, where we mixed up the alphabet to hide the meaning of a popular quote. Your job is to crack the cipher and decode the message. But don't worry - this cipher was state of the art for 1200 A.D., so it shouldn't be too hard for you to break! (Plus we give you a few hints, anyhow. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!)

For those of you who like to keep score - or at least just check your progress - we have a couple of options. There are two versions of every puzzle - standard and expert. Standard play is designed to move faster and be friendly to beginners - you get more clues and hints, making the puzzle easier to solve. If you want HARD cryptograms, try expert mode. Expert is a bare hands effort to crack a coded message. If you are new to cryptograms, we recommend starting with a standard puzzle. Once you are comfortable, take a shot at solving an expert one.

Want to do cryptograms around a specific theme? Look at the list of topics on this page. Selecting one of those will ensure the cryptograms you're presented with are relevant to that theme. We also occaisionally feature a couple of "editor's choice" sets of puzzles around a specific theme. Either way, bookmark us and check back - we add material on a regular basis.

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