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Source: Yale Professor

Hint: Went on to become a billion dollar company.
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Someone just tell you that your idea won't work? Someone just tell you nobody will ever buy your product? An investor just turn you down?

Fantastic, you're in great company!

Here's a collection of early predictions about market beating products, uttered before they went on to win. These ironic quotes were uttered by investors, competitors, reporters, and even a few consultants.

To make things fun, we turned each of them into a cryptogram puzzle, with a couple of clues (who said it, a hint about the topic). Unscramble the puzzle to see the quote!

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Avg Time: 32 Min

Instructions: So we're basically trying to decode the message here. You've got a little help here. First, we provide some clues: information like the author, topic, and sometimes even a hint in the text we used in the link from the main page for this puzzle collection. We also tally the frequency with which each letter appears. This can be helpful. Finally, you can use the hint button to ask for help - hitting hint will reveal one letter of the puzzle (usually a very common one). When you're done, use the "check solution" button to see if you got it right.

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